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Welcome To My Glass Flowers

My Glass Flowers is unique and interactive, please join Scott Johnson From Phoenix Arizona in the creative process and make your own beautiful art glass flower bouquet. Scott’s bouquets have been a favorite among art collectors since he and his wife began making them in 2003, since then they have been displayed and sold by fine art galleries nationwide. Part of the success of these beautiful art glass pieces is the flexibility they offer in conforming to the unique interiors of those who collect them, while maintaining their distinct unique quality and charming flare. Please join in the fun below by building your own art glass masterpiece!

MyGlassFlowers.com features the work of the husband & wife team of Scott & Shawn Johnson, together they travel the US showing in prestigious art shows and exhibiting in numerous fine art galleries.

Inspiration for this happy little creation began sprouting after a couple visits to the Chihuly glass flower ceiling display in the loby of the Belagio Resort in Las Vegas. Scott and Shawn were taken by the beauty fo the Belagio flowers and began devoting their efforts to build similar inspiring creations the average person could own and enjoy.

Change it till you Love It!

Build your own Art Glass Masterpiece. Drag and drop glass flowers on the beautifully sculpted stems to create your own work of art or if you like the bouquets we have pre-built in the list on the left side then click on “apply this style” and the flowers magically appear.

Art glass flowers don’t die!

Many people give fresh flowers as a token of love and appreciation. The problem is that fresh flowers die quickly and they are not cheap. These glass flowers last forever!.

Smile for a while!

One of the most common comments we hear from the folks who collect our art glass flowers is; “They just make me smile every-time I pass by them.” 🙂 So Smile while you choose your size and base color then press “Add to cart” to complete your own Art Glass Masterpiece!